Some men were hunting wild pigs on the Solomon Islands last month and stumbled across a giant frog. Described as being the size of a human baby, timber mill owner Jimmy Hugo shared a photo of the frog on Facebook. It’s enormous.

This particular species is known as the Shortland Island webbed frog, or the giant webbed frog, and is known in scientific terms as the Cornufer Guppyi.

They are the largest aquatic frog in the Solomon Islands and can grow to more than two feet.

The largest frog species in Iowa is the American bullfrog. It can reach up to eight inches in body length and over a foot long with legs outstretched. They can be found throughout the state and become active usually in April.

Fun Fact: A male bullfrog will establish and defend a nine-foot radius territory. Herpnet says that if a male enters another male’s territory, the defending male would swim out to meet the intruder in deeper water. The two would grasp each other with their forelimbs and wrestle. Finally, one frog would overpower and win the match, while the loser would retreat out of the nine-foot territory.


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