Anyone who's visited or worked in downtown Waterloo knows about Morg's Diner, a staple in the area since 1945.

The new manager, is no stranger to Morg's, Stephanie Gerst first started working at the beloved restaurant when she was just 16 years old. It's a family affair for Gerst, she works with her grandma, a couple of cousins, and a niece and nephew. The diner, at its present location on Mulberry Street, has been pretty much unchanged since 1960, from the wood paneling, small kitchen, one small bathroom, to the jukeboxes in each booth. Gerst assured that their faithful customers don't need to worry, just because she's the new manager, doesn’t mean she'll be making wholesale changes anytime soon and most importantly, the menu won't be changing either. So, whether you're craving a fresh-cooked omelet, delicious hamburger or Morg's signature gigantic pancake, it's pretty safe to say, Morg's will be around for generations to come.

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