Ok, coaches here's one for you.

I love watching the Little League World Series. Heck, if I'm being honest, I still sometimes stop out at the fields to watch kids I don't even know.

I watch because the love of the game just bubbles through everything else. I can't imagine the fun and excitement, and pressure of being there playing, or for me, coaching a team through that.

What a thrill to know that the work your kids put in is paying off! Now, having said that, I gotta say that the 'Charging Bull' home run celebration pictured here from today would NOT FREAKING FLY on any team I was coaching.

This kid from Pennsylvania hits a home run. As he rounds third stops, puts his head down, puts his fingers up like bull horns, and grinds his foot through the dirt before running to the plate.

ESPN via YouTube
ESPN via YouTube


Where I come from, where I coach from, you save that for the dugout. I don't blame the kid for wanting to do it, he's 12. But where in Holy Hell is the coaching staff? NOBODY said to him, "Hey, run the bases, celebrate with your team when you cross the plate...?"

I mean, for crying out loud, the 3rd base coach is encouraging it!

Dudes. C'mon. Thoughts?

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