The Walton County Fire Department shared photos of a freak accident that occurred on Interstate 10 in Florida. For those who don't know, Walton County is about exactly halfway between Pensacola and Panama City.

"Just after 7:30AM this morning, Walton County Fire Rescue was dispatched to a traffic crash near mile marker 81 eastbound on I-10," the department wrote in a Facebook post.

The department explained that lightning struck the roadway, sending pieces of the pavement flying through the air.

"Lightning struck the roadway, causing a chunk of the road to fly through the windshield of the truck."
The department said the occupants were transported with some injuries.
In a comment responding to one of many questions they received, the department said "Also, we do not have any photos of the damage to the roadway. However, the lightning strike took off the top layer of the road. The damage was about the size of a dinner plate."
It's hard to imagine what your reaction would be. I figure by the time they saw the flash of the lightning, the pavement was coming through the windshield.
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