Retro is BIG right now and it doesn’t get much BIGGER than an old school TV Cabinet. Remember those beasts? They weighed a hundred pounds, had ‘beautiful’ wood grain, and if lucky, you’d get two or maybe even THREE channels.

AstroVintageWood puts brand new LCD TV screens and sound bars inside of 1960s-style wooden television cabinets. It even features a cloth speaker on the bottom and a “Selector” knob on the front. Each set is custom built and can be fitted with a 19″, 24″ or 32″ display.

The Etsy site, whose slogan is “We Make ‘em Like They Used To,” says that the cabinet is built with high quality maple for a sharp look and sturdy build.

I remember watching “Fall Guy” as a youngster on one of these original TV cabinets. I’m just glad it never FELL on me.

Prices start at $849.

Modern LCD Flat Screen Retro TV Cabinet

AstroVintageWood puts brand new LCD TV screens and soundbars inside of 1960s-style wooden television cabinets. 

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