Adam Aaron Rhodes, who was charged and convicted of felony burglary in 2004, is in trouble once again.

Due to his previous conviction, the 38-year-old, Burlington man is not legally allowed to own a firearm. IN October of 2021, he not only had a muzzleloader rifle in his possession, but he also used it to illegally poach a deer on his property.

Department of Natural Resources officers were alerted by a local taxidermist when someone showed up with a days-old deer carcass that had already begun to rot. Paul McKay, a DNR officer told the Iowa Capital Dispatch of the incident:

It was just odd.

Officers were then led to Rhodes' property, where he told them he shot and killed the 14-point buck with a bow and arrow. It just happened to be shot in one location and made its way next to a food plot where it died. There was no blood trail indicating such a thing had occurred.

It is unlawful in Iowa to bait deer and shoot them as they are eating or about to eat.

Officers went on to examine the body of the deceased deer, finding that it had indeed been shot with an arrow. They also found a muzzleloader bullet in the carcass.

The Capital Dispatch continues:

"(The officers) obtained a search warrant to collect text messages and photos from Rhodes’ cellphone and discovered a photo 'showing a muzzleloader in front of him while he was hunting a baited food plot,' according to documents associated with the search warrant.

Further, the officers found a text message exchange between Rhodes and his wife in which she said she heard a gunshot, and he replied: 'I just killed him,' court records show.

'Mr. Rhodes then asked Mrs. Rhodes if she wanted to shoot the muzzleloader so it would look like she shot the deer,' the documents say. It’s unclear if she did."

Following the incident, Rhodes is now being accused of illegally possessing a firearm and MORE THAN THIRTY-SIX COUNTS OF HUNTING VIOLATIONS.

Iowa has the power to revoke the man's ability to hunt in the future and fine him for the aforementioned crimes. Should he be charged with the unlawful possession of a firearm, he may face up to five years in prison.

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