We all know that the classic guitar licks of AC/DC have the power to transcend across generations, and now we have the proof thanks to the latest "Kids React" video.

Several kids were asked to listen to songs from AC/DC. Now most did not know the name "AC/DC", but their reactions of when they recognized some of the guitar licks and lyrics are as classic as the songs themselves.

Now, there was a kid or two that lacked true taste and didn't care for the music, but all of the kids were shocked that the band is still touring. Yes, kids, you can still be 'old' and can still 'rock out'.

They sampled songs like "Thunderstruck", "TNT", "Highway to Hell", "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", "For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)", "Hells Bells", and "Back in Black"

I don't think I would have ever described "Highway to Hell" as 'mellow', but I guess to each their own.

My favorite reaction was when one boy admitted that, "My dad sings this all the time..." followed by a laugh and then his hand covered his mouth. I guess 'dad' has a hard time nailing it the real thing, but that will be a father/son moment that he'll remember for a life time.

I've seen that same reaction from my son a few times. Like when I forget that I'm not alone in the car, and I'm banging the steering wheel like Phil Rudd or Chris Slade or, well you get the idea. The point is... I'm no where near as talented as any of those former or current drummers, but my kid will remember those moments when he has his own son roll his young eyes at him.

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