You may be wondering what happened to the KCRR signal recently and why our signal strength has gone into the crapper. We have your answer.

The short answer is, our tower was hit by lightening and it melted and ruined stuff. The long answer is, our tower took a lightening hit, which happens quite a bit, which blew a hole in one of our antenna bays and melted a good section of our transmission line. Both are crucial to the on-air availability of our frequency.

What are we doing about it? Well, you can see in the pictures above that we have scaled the tower, found the points of interest and took pictures. We are now waiting for the parts to come in. Once we get the parts, we'll have our tower crew scale the tower and fix the damages pieces. We'll get some photos for you, because it's pretty cool how they do stuff.

Currently, we are using a tiny transmitter and antenna on the roof of the Black's Building. That transmitter only has the capacity to toss out about 1,500 Watts. That's 1/15th of our normal power. So, that is why you don't get us on your radios like you are accustom to. Don't fret, you can still listen to us on your computer or smartphone. Just click HERE.

We are very appreciative of your patience during this period and hope to get KCRR back up and running soon.

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