Well, well, well. Looks who's the winner this week: James Patrick. Damn right.

I had 12 of the 16 games correct and correctly picked the total score of the Monday Night Football game of 26 (Cleveland Beat New York, 23-3).


However, I am ineligible to win, so congrats to Riley McAlpin of Cedar Falls! He was only three points off the total score of Monday Night Football and walks away as the Champ of Week #2. Riley wins bragging rights and a prize pack consisting of NEW KCRR merchandise: Sunglass, Water Bottle, Party Cup, and a bottle-opener Keychain.

The overall leader is Troy Haurum of Waterloo. You can view the overall standings HERE. (Week 2 leaders HERE)

Keep pickin' every week of the season for a chance at $10,000!


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