Sure, maybe April is early to declare a movie that hasn‘t even been screened for the public yet to be the best of the year. (It’s only the third of the month, so who knows, it might be early to declare anything the best of April.) And yet, watching the latest trailer for the upcoming Katherine HeiglRosario Dawson erotic thriller Unforgettable, I feel secure in my convictions. The first trailer was a whirlwind of psycho ex-girlfriend-sploitation, replete with darkly surreal home invasions, laptop-assisted masturbation, and Heigl’s super-serious killer-face. The final trailer has surfaced, and if you weren’t convinced that this film will be an unassailable masterpiece — for people obsessed with low-rent suspense pieces about sexual obsession, such as myself — then Heigl’s got six words for you:

“You’re not getting off this horse.”

To the unsettling strains of the Nat King Cole standard that lends the film its title, jilted Tessa Conover (Heigl) goes about her mission of destroying her former spouse’s new ladyfriend (Dawson). She gaslights her ex-man by lying about an instance in which their daughter goes missing at a fair, and then pulls rank at the race track when forcing her daughter to ride a horse after the girl expresses clear discomfort. Things get a little hairier from there, as Heigl’s spite starts to curdle into homicidal rage. Some people just can’t take a breakup.

Unforgettable will premiere in theaters on April 21, after which point new movies will presumably stop being made, the art form having reached its logical conclusion.

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