Everyone has that one friend in their life that they can't talk to in the morning until they've finished their first cup of coffee. For a lot of coffee drinkers, their first cup of Joe is part of their morning ritual. It's can be a nice way for someone to start their morning and get them ready for the day. Others are just hoping for their caffeine fix. I've known some people who drink coffee until they start seeing sound every morning.

Unsplash - Nathan Dumlao
Unsplash - Nathan Dumlao

I've watched my dad drink coffee my entire life. He would set his coffee pot timer every night, it would start brewing early in the morning, he'd fill up his thermos, and he'd head out the door. In first grade, I wanted to be like dad and asked him to start leaving me a single cup before he'd leave for work. Imagine an 8-year-old hammering a cup of coffee before going to school... I bet the teachers loved that.

I took a break from regularly drinking coffee for the past 6 or so years but now I've found myself back on the coffee wagon. I ask the question "Is Iowa Getting the Short End of the Stick With Coffee" because I recently came across a study of the best coffee cities in America.

The Wallet Hub study did use the largest cities in the U.S and there was not a single Iowa city to make the list. This could be due to size obviously but now I'm wondering if the coffee scene in Iowa isn't very prevalent and does that change the quality of coffee coming into the state?

Source: WalletHub

The study used a variety of factors to determine the best coffee cities, such as the number of coffee shops, coffee houses and cafes per capita, to the average price of a pack of coffee.

If Iowa isn't home to as many coffee drinkers or cafes and coffee houses, are we getting the short end of the stick when it comes to coffee?! I doubt it. A vast majority of coffee comes from other parts of the world. According to Cafe Direct, Brazil has been the highest-producing coffee country for the past 150 years. Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia are to follow. I would assume Iowa is still getting the best of the best. Just maybe in smaller quantities.

While Iowa may not have as many coffee drinkers, coffee houses, and cafes, that doesn't mean Iowans are jacked up on their morning caffeine. According to Zippia, Iowa is the 10th most caffeinated state in the U.S. Iowa's population might be lower compared to other states but you better believe Iowans are getting their morning fix.

As still a fairly new Iowan, I was curious what are some of your favorite coffee shops in Iowa? When other states think of Iowa, they usually think of corn and corn fields. You don't hear much about the "Iowa Coffee Scene" like you would if you visited the East Coast. Do you have a go-to coffee shop? It might be time for me to make it a goal to visit a new coffee shop every Saturday and see what Iowa has to offer.

I asked a co-worker of mine today where I should start my Iowa coffee shop journey and her first recommendation was Cup of Joe in Cedar Falls.

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