What a season!

The Iowa Hawkeyes captured the hearts of the nation this basketball season. If you thought the excitement of last year’s season was huge, this year completely topped it.

The women’s basketball team at the University of Iowa completely changed the game for women’s sports.  Record numbers of people were tuning in and realizing that women’s sports are exciting!

Who would’ve thought?!?

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Not only has the team had a stellar run this year, but Caitlin Clark has become a household name all across the country.

This year she smashed through so many NCAA records. Clark is the all time leading scorer in NCAA D1 basketball.

That’s right! She’s the best scorer in the entire game, for both men and women’s basketball.

She’s won award after award and has cemented herself in the history books as one of the all-time greats.

However, in my mind, you haven’t quite made it until you get parodied or name dropped on Saturday Night Live.

The sketch comedy show returned on Saturday, April 6th with Kristin Wiig as the host and Raye as the musical guest.

Caitlin Clark On SNL

While no one put on a brunette wig with the iconic Clark slicked back ponytail and headband, she was in fact the main topic of conversation in the cold open.

The sketch entitled “TBS March Madness” featured Kenan Thompson as Charles Barkley.

Several of the main cast members are having a round table discussion as their respective sports reporters discussing the NCAA men’s basketball game.

They all jokingly admitted that they weren’t really paying attention to that game because there were “better games on.”

No, it wasn’t any games being played at the NBA.

It was the women’s tournament.

“The women’s tournament is where the action’s at,” one of the fake commentators said.

They went on to talk about all of the NIL deals Caitlin Clark has.

Then Thompson aka Charles Barkley claimed that,

“She dunked on me once.”

He went into some hilarious details…

“On the set for of a Subway ad. We were shooting around, and in between takes she jumped 10 feet in the air and just posturized me.”

Watch the full sketch down below!

They even poked some fun at LSU head coach Kim Mulkey. Heidi Garner ended up doing a hilarious impression of this impassioned coach.

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