Over the weekend, team behind ‘Saturday Night Live’ really brought their A-game.

Not only did they have Oscar winner Ryan Gosling hosting again, but they also had country superstar Chris Stapleton on as their musical guest.

These things together are a recipe for a dynamo episode of television.

But wait…there’s more!

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During Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Michael Che there was a surprising cameo.

Once again Michael Che decided to make a cringe worthy joke about women’s sports. This time directly taking aim at Iowa’s own Caitlin Clark.

“The University of Iowa announced that basketball star Caitlin Clark will have her jersey retired…and replaced with an apron.”

No one in the audience seemed to find that one too funny.

In the next beat, the entire crowd is erupting and Che is welcoming Caitlin Clark onto the show.

KM/Canva/SNl via YouTube
KM/Canva/SNl via YouTube

Clark along with Colin Jost put Che on blast for his previous jokes about women’s sports. They played a super cut of all of the comments he made this past season alone.

“Colin with the receipts, thanks man!” Clark said.

Like Caitlin at the three, Jost went in for the alley oop!

“No problem. Unlike Che, I support women.”

I don’t know how he could keep a straight face during this segment.

Then Clark encouraged Michael Che to read some of the jokes she “wrote.”

This joke off went over incredibly well! The crowd was roaring in laughter as Michael Che read some of these jokes.

Just a rule of thumb for comedy in general, always punch up never down. This entire segment was a great lesson in that.

Before wrapping up her time at the desk, Che wished her luck on her first season at the WNBA. Clark then paid homage to some of the greats in WNBA.

“I’m sure it will be a great first step for me, but it’s just one step for the WNBA. Thanks to all the great players; Sheryl Swoopes, Lisa Leslie, the great Dawn Staley, and my basketball hero Maya Moore. These are the women that kicked down the door, so I could walk inside.” 

To top off the entire bit, Caitlin Clark handed him over an apron that she autographed.

Watch the full clip down below!

There Were Signs of This Cameo

This isn’t THAT surprising of a cameo. Obviously, Caitlin Clark is in New York City for the WNBA draft. So, right place right time!

However, Hannah Bluder, Lisa Bluder’s daughter and the director of operations for the women’s basketball team, was the key to figuring out that something was going on.

She posted on her Instagram story that she was in the waiting line queue for SNL. 

Clark ended up bringing Gabbie Marshall, Kate Martin, and Jada Gyamfi to the show with her as her guests.

Putting Michael Che On Blast

Michael Che, the comedian and writer has a history of taking shots at women’s sports. He makes a good deal of them on SNL.

In an interview with the hilarious comedian Ziwe Fumudoh on her show Ziwe, Che was asked to name five WNBA players.

I’ll be honest, if I was asked the same question, I’d have a tough time answering. I hardly am even invested in the NBA.

After getting caught up in the Caitlin Clark of it all, I’ll definitely be making WNBA games a must watch though. Call me a bandwagon fan, I don’t care!

So, I would have let it slide…if he didn’t come off as so cocky while answering the question. Let’s all be honest, he definitely kept digging himself into a deeper hole.

What really sealed the deal was when Che was describing the differences between the WNBA and NBA and said,

“…there’s no dunks I know that much!”

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