It's pretty well known, I think, that in Iowa, you can legally drive at the tender young age of 14. It's not as simple as turning 14 and hopping behind the wheel, but with the proper permit and an adult present, you can drive at 14. But have you ever stopped to wonder if there's an age limit on driving? Can you actually get too old to legally drive in Iowa?

Can I be too old to drive in Iowa?

This is no doubt a potentially sticky topic, right? Driving, while a privilege not a right, is something many of us feel helps establish and maintain our independence. I can legally hop in my car right now and drive wherever the gas money I can afford and/or the health of my car will allow me to go. Likely you or someone you know can too.

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For Iowa seniors, it's a chance to maintain independence and reduce any chances of missing out on anything from family get-togethers to seeing friends, or simple tasks like grocery shopping. But at what point, if any, do our laws say "no more"?

Photo by Nathalia Segato on Unsplash
Photo by Nathalia Segato on Unsplash

The technical answer here is, no. No there is not an age limit of getting behind the wheel legally. However, the policy with which you go to renew your license does change when you age.

According to Progressive, the insurance company, these laws vary greatly from state to state. So what's the deal in Iowa? At age 70, that's when the procedure to renew your license starts to change.

  • In Iowa, you must renew your driver's license every two years at age 78 and older.
  • Taking a vision test and passing it is a requirement for every renewal for 70 and older.
  • Mail or online renewal availability is no longer permitted for 70 and older, meaning you must physically appear at a DMV to renew your license. As mentioned above, you'll have to pass an eye test as well.

Situations will be different in certain situations. Families, a spouse or a doctor can always offer guidance, but in the eyes of the law, the sky is the driving limit, as long as you continue to prove you're not blind. If you have any further questions about driving ages/restrictions, you should contact the Iowa Motor Vehicle Division.

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