An Iowa couple expecting a baby girl in just a few weeks should be excited about their new bundle of joy. They should be finishing up the nursery and settling on a name. Instead, they're reeling from a series of tragedies including the loss of their home.

KCRG reports that Jake Eitel and Shelby Holland have had a rough start to the new year. The couple from Fayette County who are expecting their first child soon just lost their house and nearly everything in it to a fire. Eitel says he looked out the door going into the garage and saw the flames. As the smoke began to pour into the kitchen, he rushed Holland outside to safety. Fortunately, their dog followed.

A passerby stopped and called 9-1-1, according to KCRG. All Eitel and Holland could do was stand and watch their home burn to the ground. The home they thought they'd be bringing their baby girl home to. The home that stood on the farm that has been in Eitel's family for generations. Holland told KCRG they had the nursery painted purple. Now the couple has to start from scratch just as their family is about to grow.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only hardship the couple has endured recently. KCRG reports that Eitel's mother passed away around Thanksgiving. Then Holland had to have an emergency appendectomy while pregnant. No one deserves that kind of heartache they've had to go through. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the young couple. If you are able, let's help get them back on their feet and make sure they have a new home to bring their baby girl home to.

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