A cool new drink trailer is making its way around the Corridor! Let us introduce you to Fizz Wagon Dreamsoda!

According to a new article from the Cedar Rapids Gazette, Fizz Wagon Dreamsoda "is a mixed soda and energy drink shop (on wheels) where customers order their favorite soda and mix it with fruit purees and and flavors to create their own delicious drink." The base sodas include Mountain Dew, Sprite, Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sparkling Water, Red Bull, Alani Nu, Fresca, and Root Beer, and there are a TON of flavors that can be added, like strawberry, peach, coconut, green apple, vanilla, butterscotch, mango, and cheesecake. You can create your own drink, or you can order one of the MANY signature drinks that are already on the menu!

Fizz Wagon Dreamsoda was started by Danni Pace back last year after she transformed a horse trailer into a beverage trailer. Instead of selling coffee or alcoholic beverages, she wanted to offer something unique to the area. You may have spotted the trailer at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers Market last season, or at events like Palo Fun Days or the Center Point Harvest Festival.

Fizz Wagon Dreamsoda has already been out and about in 2024, parked at places like Lindale Mall, Tractor Supply, Capri College, Alliant Tower, Parks Schmit & Fuller Orthodontics, Seven Salon, and True North. You can check out the trailer's schedule by following the official Facebook page HERE. Take a look at this week's locations below:

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