One of the many things Caitlin Clark has proven to be good at, along with her amazing basketball skills, is always saying the right thing. She didn't go after Chennedy Carter after a cheap shot in a game against the Chicago Sky. And yesterday, Clark once again said all the right things in reaction to her being left off the 2024 Olympic women's basketball team. Well, I am not Caitlin Clark. And this basketball fan is shaking his head in astonishment.

First of all, there are many talented women's basketball players on the 2024 Olympic roster. It is a dream team of the best women's players in the game today. The United States has won Olympic gold in seven straight summer games in women's basketball and this summer should be no different. What Caitlin Clark's addition to the roster would have meant was the most possible eyes on those games in Paris. WNBA supporters talk about growing the game. Getting more people to watch. One player right now is moving the needle more than any other. Caitlin Clark. I wonder how NBC feels about a ratings juggernaut being left at home during this year's games?

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As for why Clark won't be in Paris, a report from Christine Brennan at USA Today sites unnamed sources at USA Basketball as saying the reason for the snub was that officials were worried about what Clark's fans would think when she didn't get a lot of playing time on a loaded USA roster. What an incredibly shallow and short-sighted reason to leave Clark off the roster.

Some basketball experts point out that Caitlin Clark is a rookie and she is just too inexperienced to play on Team USA. But the Indy Star points out that Rebecca Lobo went as a rookie in 1996. Diana Taurasi in 2002. Candice Parker in 2008. Breanna Stewert in 2016. Were those rookies better than Caitlin Clark? Remember, Clark was invited to the first national team training camp the first week of April. However, she couldn't attend due to the fact that the Iowa Hawkeyes were in the Final Four.

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As I mentioned earlier, Clark continues to say all the right things. ESPN reports that Clark stated, "Hopefully one day I can be there. I think it's just a little more motivation. You remember that. Hopefully, when four years comes back around, I can be there." She added that she'll be rooting for her USA teammates to win the gold.

But will anyone be watching?

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