[UPDATE]: According to KCRG, in response to news of Texas Governor Greg Abbott making Iowa City a "wishlist" destination for migrants being bussed away from his state, Iowa Governor Reynolds confirmed in a message that "no migrants will be coming to Iowa from Texas". The Iowa Catholic Worker Housse organization says they remain prepared to take them in should they arrive.

[ORIGINAL STORY]: Anyone who has watched the news in recent months has seen what a massive cluster**** the border crisis has become as thousands of migrants are entering our country every day, creating mass chaos for our border agents.

Texas is ground zero as of late for these migrants entering the United States and according to Iowa's News Now,  Governor Greg Abbott has decided to start bussing them out of his state to places like New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Democratically controlled areas that promise to offer a welcoming haven for them. As officials in those areas are learning, "be careful what you wish for". As the crisis grows, could some of these individuals be heading to the Hawkeye state?

Abbott's list of 37 cities to send these buses of migrants to includes Iowa City, Iowa. Iowa City is among those listed as sanctuary cities by the Center for Immigration Studies. You can see the entire list of sanctuary cities in Iowa and elsewhere on their website.

In fact, staffers with the Iowa Catholic Worker House have reported an influx of immigrants in the past several weeks. The group works with immigrants and refugees but has not directly correlated their increase to the "busloads" of immigrants being dispersed by Governor Abbott.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa City mayor Bruce Teague have not directly commented on the effect Greg Abbott's or Joe Biden's actions and policies are having on Iowa, but it's safe to say that as the crisis looms larger, more parts of the country are set to be placed in the crossfire.

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