An Iowa dairy farmer's photo and video recreating a famous season from a popular Christmas movie made the rounds this week on social media.

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" is a film that gets to the heart of what so many families go through around the holidays. Pulling together in the face of struggle.

Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy
Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy

The scene being recreated will be familiar to fans. To clarify the scene, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier says:

Cousin Eddie s in front of a relative’s home with his recreation vehicle (“That there’s an RV. It’s a good looking vehicle, ain’t it?”). He proceeds to greet the neighbors as he empties the camper’s septic tank into the storm sewer while wearing a bathrobe and winter cap, smoking a cigar, and sipping a beer.

Blake Hansen of Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy in Hudson says his video showcases one of the more arduous but important tasks performed on his farm every year: emptying the manure pit.
In their spoof, Blake is portraying "Farmer Blake" who is seen "agitating the manure” to make it easier to empty the pit. He wears a get-up identical to cousin Eddie's in the movie (which includes his wife’s bathrobe) and smokes a cigar. Instead of a beer, he is holding a gallon of Hansen’s milk.

Among the thousands of comments and views the scene got after it went viral was the winner of a free gallon of milk from Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy. According to the folks at Hansen's: "we hope it lightens the mood around the holidays, especially during these difficult times with the economy the way it is."


We can confirm the video continues to entertain us and everyone else who sees it!

Relive the original, NSFW movie clip below.


Hansen's Farm Fresh Dairy is a producer and provider of Iowa-grown farm-to-table dairy products in Hudson, Iowa. Learn more about them here.

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