In the current economy, with a recession looming are already here depending on who you listen to, and prices of gas and other essentials fluctuating at levels we can barely keep up with, Americans are tightening their belts.

One thing they may be doing is looking around the house and seeing what major renovation projects they can put off. Those kitchen and bath cabinets may have to hold up for a while longer.  For a top cabinetry company in Waterloo, that means around 100 jobs being dropped in the near future. Omega Cabinets told employees Monday that its parent company, Indiana's Masterbrand Cabinets, is "changing staffing levels in order to rebalance operations", according to KWWL.

Masterbrand Cabinets said in a statement to KWWL:

MasterBrand is committed to assisting the affected associates through additional transition compensation, benefits continuation, and coordination with all state and local agencies to help find new employment and resources through our Employee Assistance Program

Employees in Waterloo are being "offered" the chance to apply for other jobs elsewhere within the company. Gee, how generous!

Should they take the company up on that opportunity, the company also says it will help with employee relocation and offer other resources through its Employee Assistance Program.

No other details are available at this time.

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