After hearing the news about Steve Copenhaver’s cancer diagnosis, Doug Lentz knew he needed to do something to help the family out.

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I got the bad news of Steve's help from his uncle George Richardson. And we just decided to try to help Steve out by taking some of his crops out… I made a couple of phone calls and then they just the phone calls just started pouring in from other volunteers.

Steve Copenhaver was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer. The diagnosis meant that the Copenhavers’ harvest was put on the back burner for the immediate needs that the diagnosis brought.

As news got around about the diagnosis, the community sprang into action to show the Copenhavers their support.  On Wednesday farmers from the area came together to help the family finish their harvest.

It was quite overwhelming. So, from Stanley, Aurora, Lamont-one guy came up clear down from by Brandon. So, there were many people from all over.

Together, they brought around 11 tractor-pulled grain carts, nine farmer-owned semis, six six-row combines, and two 12-row combines says Steve’s uncle George Richardson.


Altogether, the crew was able to harvest 85 acres in about 2 hours. Without the help, it would have taken the family over 20 hours to harvest the field explained Doug.

I've got a lot of great friends that called and volunteered and all hats go off to all the people who volunteered.

According to Oelwein Daily Register, BankIowa of Independence served lunch and the city’s First Presbyterian Church provided desserts.

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