Fans have long speculated about who Keanu Reeves would play if he ever joined the MCU. Recently, he shared his own pick for his dream Marvel role.

On February 4, Keanu Reeves did a Reddit AMA on the sub r/movies. Questions asked were all over the radar, as can be expected. There were questions about cocktails, supernatural experiences, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. There was one particular response that stood out though. When asked: “Has there ever been a role in your career that you regret turning down?” Reeves replied:

No…but I did always want to play Wolverine.

This is a little bit complicated, because obviously there’s really only been one big-screen Wolverine, and that’s Hugh Jackman. And Jackman recently un-retired from playing Wolverine; he will soon co-star opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3. Had Reeves had said this about a year before the announcement of Deadpool 3, maybe things would be different.

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It’s not clear whether Jackman will remain in the role of Wolverine beyond Deadpool 3. Marvel may want a younger actor to play Wolverine moving forward, as they have yet to formally introduce the X-Men into the MCU, and anyone replacing Jackman in the near future would probably be expected to sign on for multiple films over many years. Then again, Keanu Reeves hasn’t aged in about three decades, so he he might able to pull it off. (Maybe Keanu has a healing factor; it would explain his interest in playing Wolverine.)

Deadpool 3 is scheduled to open in theaters on November 8, 2024. John Wick: Chapter 4 is scheduled to open in theaters on March 24, 2023.

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