Today, (May 1st) we celebrate an annual rite of springtime...

The observation of "May Day" originated in ancient agricultural rituals, and the Greeks and Romans held such festivals. "May Day" also has roots in pagan festivals. It's also recognized as International Worker's Day.

But here in the good ole' U.S.A., we don't take it nearly as seriously! We celebrate with candy! It's tradition to leave a "May basket" on someone's door step, knock on the door, or ring the door bell and RUN!!! (It's really just a nicer version of "ding dong ditch") Then your friend or loved one, finds a basket of goodies on their doorstep! It's a popular tradition, especially in schools. I remember, back in the day, when my daughters were younger, we would make up a box full of baskets for them to take to their classmates. Instead of a basket, we would use a red solo cup, poke two holes in it and make a handle out of a pipe cleaner. Then fill it full of popcorn, M&M's, and any other kind of candy that would fit in the cup!

So, Happy May Day...and celebrate the beginning of spring in Iowa, which according to the forecast, it looks like we're going to have our ONE nice "spring-like" day this Saturday, with sunny skies and temperatures in the lower 70's! (LOL) I know how I'll be celebrating, sitting at home, hoping a friendly neighbor leaves a surprise on my doorstep, or, I'll just steal some of the treats out of my daughter's basket and call it good.

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