Is it possible 'RAMBO', Waterloo's traffic enforcement vehicle, is targeting health care workers?

In a story from KWWL who says they've been contacted by viewers claiming it’s parked on a street leading to MercyOne hospital, leading some working at the hospital to feel targeted, like the police are trying to nab them speeding. the police insist they are not targeting anyone, except speeders. Major Joe Leibold told KWWL:

Rambo is NOT positioned to 'nab' medical workers. It is placed in areas where we receive complaints of speeding.

He also stated, given the current COVID-19 situation that Rambo, which uses speed cameras, is the ideal method of traffic enforcement because it does not require any human-to-human contact.

At this time, police say they have no plans to suspend (social distance?) traffic enforcement so expect to see RAMBO hanging out for the time being.

So in addition to social distancing, probably a good idea to slow down and save some money avoiding a ticket.

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(Via KWWL)

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