Over the weekend, Wells Fargo Arena was packed with Elton John fans who missed out on his originally scheduled concert in June of 2020.

Among the setlist of songs like "Rocket Man", "Tiny Dancer", and "Your Song", John paid tribute to Foo Fighters' drummer Taylor Hawkins with a rendition of “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me." Hawkins passed away on Friday night.

It was a special show -- for those that got to attend, anyway.

As Kelly Allis shared with KCCI, once she arrived at the venue, she was told that the ticket she had purchased was a duplicate:

They said our tickets were invalid, our tickets had been sold twice. But if we wanted to pay $269, we could get into the concert. ... This is his last tour. We won't get to see him again.

Allis said she and her friends bought tickets in 2019, and that her group called in advance to ensure the tickets could still be used to enter:

She called in the week before to make sure that there were going to be valid, that we could use them. And they said absolutely, they didn't ask any questions about when they were purchased, anything like that.

The story added that Allis claims she purchased her tickets on HyVeeTix.com, which is the main website the concert venue uses for sales.

Wells Fargo Arena released a statement following up after saying they were unaware of the incident. This was included in the statement:

We strongly encourage all fans to know where they are buying their tickets from and only use authorized sources.

Allis said that she and her group weren't the only ones asked to purchase new tickets. She claims she saw a couple from Illinois who had the same paper vouchers she and her group had -- the couple supposedly paid over $700 to enter because they came so far for the show.

The KCCI story finished with this:

"A spokesperson with the Iowa Events Center says concertgoers can be turned away due to purchasing a duplicate ticket from a reseller website.

Authorized ticket sources with the venue are HyVeeTix.com, the Wells Fargo Arena Ticket Office, and any Ames or Des Moines HyVee location."

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