Jack Golden and his parents sit down and read so much, that they've needed to visit the Davenport Public Library over 100 times since Jack got his first library card back in April of 2021.

The now two-year-old has a plan every time he walks in, according to what his dad, Matthew told WQAD:

He'll walk in, and he immediately runs and picks his little cart. Then (he) goes through all the books, usually taking an entire row and throwing it into his little cart before wheeling around and letting Dad pick out the books, which is always my favorite part.

Though Jack isn't quite old enough to read for himself, his parents love spending the quality time sharing the written stories with their son, and they see it as a great way to develop their child's little mind. Matthew added this:

It's very fun to show him just how much he can get from just reading a book.

In total, Jack and his parents have read over 1,700 books and more than 49,000 pages.

It's all been part of the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program the Library runs -- of which is designed to instill a love of reading for young ones.

For reaching 1,000 books along with other checkpoints, kids receive prizes. At the top spot of the 1,000th book, they'll win a t-shirt and a personalized bookplate inside their favorite book.

Davenport Library Early Literacy Coordinator Alison McGaughey, who helps run the program, says this:

Reading is fun! This isn't a chore. This is opening up a whole world of imagination and creativity. ... "(Reading) helps increase their language skills, their vocabulary and all kinds of development and parent-child bonding that can be gained through that reading experience.

Matthew says that's clearly been instilled in his son:

I'll turn the corner, and he's sitting there flipping through books. And it's not maybe at the pace of exactly reading, but he's looking at the pictures. He's trying to comprehend, 'How does Dad pull this story out of this book?'

Jack and company are currently reading The Berenstain Bears, a children's book series that has over 300 books.

It's pretty old, too -- I'm 25 and I remember reading those books with my parents. My sister did as well, and she's 31. At the very least, Jack has excellent taste in what he's decided to read with mom and dad.

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