In Maxwell Iowa, in the dead of winter, you will find kids wearing shorts to their parents chagrin. Maxwell Weigelt is no exception. Most kids though (like myself) do so to give off a false sense of bravado and mental toughness. The " It's not that cold mindset". But Maddox has a different reason. Every day he shows off a new pair of socks in his hundreds of wacky pairs. As his own legend grew, people from all over helped chip in. He now owns over 500 pairs of socks.

But he wanted to show his appreciation as well. Maddox knows that one of the most basic necessities in any apparel are plain white socks. So, Weigelt organized a sock drive for military veterans at a local hospital and at nearby homeless shelters. If there's one thing I can admire it's someone who isn't afraid to stand out. Maddox is still a pre-teen and embraces the "all eyes on me" mentality. KCCI has the full story here. 

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