The Big 12 Conference had enough of what Texas Tech's radio crew, play-by-play announcer Brian Jensen and color analyst John Harris, had to say during their 41-38 win over Iowa State last Saturday.

During the come back attempt by the Cyclones, several calls were made in favor of Iowa State. The Red Raider announcers were having none of it.

In the fourth quarter, ISU defensive back Isheem Young laid the wood on Myles Price, wide receiver for TTU. The pair believed the call should have been reviewed for targeting, but it wasn't.

Harris had this to say, according to The Athletic:

That is absolutely another horrendous call, or no-call. This officiating crew and the replay crew, which has been absolutely horrible today, an egregious non-review of it right there. That is absolute targeting and they are not even going to look at it.

Then, Jensen added that Tech

would have to continue to play on despite the slanted play of the officials here.

Later in the fourth quarter, after what appeared to be an interception near the goal line by Red Raider DB Dadrion Taylor-Demerson was overturned, the two really laid into the referee crew and the Big 12, starting with Harris:

I’ll say it right now. The Big 12 does not want Iowa State to lose this game.

Jensen then added the following:

Yeah, Bob Bowlsby, you need to answer to this. This is ridiculous. … Unbelievable. The inconsistency of this referee crew in favor of Iowa State today, unbelievable.

Bowlsby is the commissioner of the Big 12 Conference.

Jensen continued the rant:

Well maybe the referee has a concussion and needs to get a trainer, because he's acted like it this whole game.


The Big 12 should be embarrassed. The Big 12 should be embarrassed with this group.

Jensen then read the name of every on-field and replay official live on air.

The audio clips:

Bowlsby responded alright.

The two -- who are veterans in the broadcast booth -- will be suspended for Texas Tech's game this coming Saturday, as the Red Raiders face off with No. 9 Oklahoma State.

According to,

Jensen is in his 22nd season as the Tech football play-by-play announcer, and Harris is in his 39th year on the Tech broadcast team.

In the Big 12's statement announcing their suspension, Bowlsby had this to say:

I understand the roles of the play-by-play and color analyst. However as University representatives they also have an obligation to adhere to Conference policy regarding comments about game officials. The comments by the Red Raider Radio Network booth announcers were contrary to expected levels of respect and professionalism.

Questioning the integrity of Conference officials and specifically calling out members of the officiating crew is well beyond appropriate and permissible behavior.

The game concluded on a 62-yard field goal by Texas Tech's kicker, Jonathan Garibay, as time expired.

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