Did You Catch The Nod to Iowa In The 'This Is Us' Finale?

If you didn't, don't worry. You were probably too busy trying to wipe the tears from your eyes and might have missed it.

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The tear-jerking family drama featuring Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia has officially come to an end. After six seasons, the Emmy winning show concluded on May 24th, 2022.

If you haven't seen the finale or are not caught up with the show proceed with caution. Spoilers for the final season of the show are ahead.

We warned ya!

The series finale for This Is Us cuts between sweet moments from the Pearson's childhood to those same children as adults grieving the death of their mother. 'Us', a fitting title for the final episode, wraps the entire series up with a sweet and cathartic bow.

One of the final scenes of the show has the "Big 3" gathered together at their family cabin discussing what their next steps in life will be.

Kate will be opening up music schools for the blind...

Kevin will spend time focusing on his non-profit work...

And Randall is thinking about going for the deep-fried Oreos at the Iowa State Fair...


The family is originally from Pittsburgh and other members live in California, but none of them have any ties to the Midwest. So, why would Randall make such a big deal about going to one of the most popular fairs in the country?

Well, he's thinking of running for President!

Randall has been pursuing a career in politics for the past few seasons. He started off as a city councilman and then in the final season started to make the push to run for a Pennsylvania Senate seat.

In the flash forward to the events following Rebecca's death, Randall is considering a run for President with a trip to Iowa.

Could this mean that we could get a West Wing sort of spin-off with one of the standout characters from the show? Who knows!

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