We're doing pretty well in Iowa when it comes to Sexually Transmitted Diseases. That was an awkward opening sentence, but it's true. Iowa currently ranks 40th out of our 50 states for the transmission of STD's. 

Just in time for a little Halloween horror, BackgroundChecks.org has updated their Most Sexually Diseased States in America report. The new CDC data for 2016 has just been published and some states have done better, and some worse. All we know is that Iowa maintained the 40th spot and we're all happy we don't live in Alaska. We will now stand by our claim that whale blubber condoms aren't safe.

The 10 most sexually diseased states are currently:

  1. Alaska (no change)
  2. Mississippi (+2)
  3. Louisiana (-1)
  4. Georgia (+3)
  5. New Mexico (no change)
  6. North Carolina (-3)
  7. South Carolina (-1)
  8. Arkansas (+1)
  9. Delaware (+5)
  10. Oklahoma (-2)

The 10 least sexually problematic states are currently:

  1. Vermont (-3)
  2. New Hampshire (+1)
  3. West Virginia (+1)
  4. Maine (+1)
  5. Utah (no change)
  6. Idaho (no change)
  7. Wyoming (no change)
  8. Connecticut (-1)
  9. Massachusetts (+1)
  10. New Jersey (no change)

Also worth mentioning is the increase in reported gonorrhea cases. The top ten worst states experienced a rise in the rate of gonorrhea per 100k residents. In Alaska (#1), Mississippi (#2) and Georgia (#4), the rate rose by more than 40 per 100k. The across-the-board increase in gonorrhea infection is startling, and many experts attribute it to the rising prevalence of antibiotic-resistant strains of the disease.

Originally released on February 7, 2017, BackGroundChecks.org's ranking was created from local county and state health data, social media surveys, and CDC data on the rate of incidents per 100k residents for the two most common STDs, gonorrhea and chlamydia. The results may surprise you.

For the complete report CLICK HERE.

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