I think it's all safe to say that when we were kids we had moments, months, and maybe even years when we didn't get along with our mothers. The time that sticks out to me most is when I was about to leave for my freshman year of college and just needed to get out of the house. That was a tough summer for my mom.

And I may be assuming too much saying that the mother-child relationship can be rough for just a short amount of time. Of course, we never know how rocky other people's relationships can be.

Although, I think it's safe to say that our relationships with our mothers have gone quite as awry as this Iowa mother and son.

As reported by KCRG, "Sunday morning, at approximately 10:38 am, police say a man started a fire in the 1000 block of 40th street," in Des Moines.

Where did the man start that fire? In the garage in the bottom part of his mother's home -- while she was inside.


Local authorities say that Franklin doused a vehicle in the garage with gasoline and set it on fire with a candle. He later admitted to starting the fire, and he did it knowing that all the while his mom was in the house.

Franklin, his mother, and her three dogs escaped the flames engulfing their shared home uninjured.

The 33-year-old is being charged with Arson in the First Degree and Reckless Use of Fire or Explosives. He was booked into Polk County Jail on Sunday morning and is being held on a $20,000 bond, according to WHO13.


There is currently a no-contact order between Franklin and his mother.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 18.

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