2017 Class 2A Iowa High School Wrestling Sectional Tournament results, Sectional 9 from Bondurant-Farrar.

The champion and runner-up advance to the 2017 Iowa High School District Wrestling Tournament on February 11, 2017.

1. Saydel190.0
2. PCM185.0
3. Knoxville177.0
4. South Tama County170.5
5. Grinnell156.0
6. Bondurant-Farrar141.5

106 Results
1st Place - Payton Drake of Pcm
2nd Place - Brock Beck of Grinnell
3rd Place - Colby Lillegard of Bondurant-Farrar
4th Place - Gabe Gordon of Knoxville
5th Place - Dylan Becker of Saydel
1st Place Match
Payton Drake (Pcm) 38-6, Fr. over Brock Beck (Grinnell) 38-6, Fr. (Dec 2-0).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Brock Beck (Grinnell) 38-6, Fr. over Colby Lillegard (Bondurant-Farrar) 28-12, Fr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Colby Lillegard (Bondurant-Farrar) 28-12, Fr. over Gabe Gordon (Knoxville) 31-14, Fr. (Dec 7-4).
5th Place Match
Dylan Becker (Saydel) 20-11, So. (Bye).

113 Results
1st Place - Austin Nash of Bondurant-Farrar
2nd Place - Dalton Gosselink of Grinnell
3rd Place - Nico Garcia of Saydel
4th Place - Clay VanWyk of Pcm
5th Place - Kameron Butler of Knoxville
1st Place Match
Austin Nash (Bondurant-Farrar) 27-14, Sr. over Dalton Gosselink (Grinnell) 32-16, So. (Fall 1:32).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Dalton Gosselink (Grinnell) 32-16, So. over Nico Garcia (Saydel) 17-13, Jr. (Dec 11-6).
3rd Place Match
Nico Garcia (Saydel) 17-13, Jr. over Clay VanWyk (Pcm) 19-23, So. (Dec 7-5).
5th Place Match
Kameron Butler (Knoxville) 10-15, Fr. (Bye).

120 Results
1st Place - Mike Moore of Saydel
2nd Place - Alex Farmer of Grinnell
3rd Place - Jakeb Fenton of Pcm
4th Place - Colton Jones of Knoxville
5th Place - Christian Olesen of Bondurant-Farrar
1st Place Match
Mike Moore (Saydel) 22-11, So. over Alex Farmer (Grinnell) 34-9, Jr. (Dec 9-7).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Alex Farmer (Grinnell) 34-9, Jr. over Jakeb Fenton (Pcm) 19-20, Sr. (Fall 1:51).
3rd Place Match
Jakeb Fenton (Pcm) 19-20, Sr. over Colton Jones (Knoxville) 16-30, Fr. (Fall 3:40).
5th Place Match
Christian Olesen (Bondurant-Farrar) 0-1, Fr.(Bye).

126 Results
1st Place - Brady Fritz of South Tama County
2nd Place - Cody Lehman of Saydel
3rd Place - Neal Larsen of Bondurant-Farrar
4th Place - Ethan Kirby of Grinnell
5th Place - JJ Beaver of Knoxville
1st Place Match
Brady Fritz (South Tama County) 40-5, Jr. over Cody Lehman (Saydel) 16-4, Jr. (TF-1.5 3:32 (16-1)).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Cody Lehman (Saydel) 16-4, Jr. over Neal Larsen (Bondurant-Farrar) 25-9, Fr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Neal Larsen (Bondurant-Farrar) 25-9, Fr. over Ethan Kirby (Grinnell) 26-20, Jr. (Fall 4:35).
5th Place Match
JJ Beaver (Knoxville) 10-19, Fr. (Bye).

132 Results
1st Place - Tanner Probasco of South Tama County
2nd Place - Klayton Keller of Saydel
3rd Place - Kaiden Gosselink of Grinnell
4th Place - Walter Long of Bondurant-Farrar
5th Place - Nash Linsley of Knoxville
6th Place - Cody Wallace of Pcm
1st Place Match
Tanner Probasco (South Tama County) 42-4, Jr. over Klayton Keller (Saydel) 27-9, Jr. (Fall 3:30).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Klayton Keller (Saydel) 27-9, Jr. over Kaiden Gosselink (Grinnell) 37-6, Sr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Kaiden Gosselink (Grinnell) 37-6, Sr. over Walter Long (Bondurant-Farrar) 21-16, Sr. (Fall 5:28).
5th Place Match
Nash Linsley (Knoxville) 14-27, Fr. over Cody Wallace (Pcm) 11-14, So. (Dec 9-4).

138 Results
1st Place - Colton Vest of South Tama County
2nd Place - Chase Shirk of Pcm
3rd Place - Lane Milner of Grinnell
4th Place - Brandon Behle of Bondurant-Farrar
5th Place - Skyler Cardenas of Saydel
6th Place - Ian Crossett of Knoxville
1st Place Match
Colton Vest (South Tama County) 42-1, Jr. over Lane Milner (Grinnell) 11-3, Sr. (Fall 4:43).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Chase Shirk (Pcm) 23-18, Jr. over Lane Milner (Grinnell) 11-3, Sr. (Dec 11-7).
3rd Place Match
Chase Shirk (Pcm) 23-18, Jr. over Brandon Behle (Bondurant-Farrar) 9-7, Sr. (Fall 3:24).
5th Place Match
Skyler Cardenas (Saydel) 7-7, Fr. over Ian Crossett (Knoxville) 9-11, Fr. (Dec 10-5).

145 Results
1st Place - Xavier Miller of Pcm
2nd Place - Joe Hollinrake of Knoxville
3rd Place - Jevin Wyatt of Grinnell
4th Place - Pedro Rodriguez of South Tama County
5th Place - Brandon Renaud of Bondurant-Farrar
1st Place Match
Xavier Miller (Pcm) 43-2, Sr. over Jevin Wyatt (Grinnell) 34-15, Sr. (Fall 4:39).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Joe Hollinrake (Knoxville) 45-7, Jr. over Jevin Wyatt (Grinnell) 34-15, Sr. (MD 10-2).
3rd Place Match
Joe Hollinrake (Knoxville) 45-7, Jr. over Pedro Rodriguez (South Tama County) 31-16, Jr. (MD 18-5).
5th Place Match
Brandon Renaud (Bondurant-Farrar) 7-12, Sr. (Bye).

152 Results
1st Place - Isaac Judge of South Tama County
2nd Place - Riley Spaur of Knoxville
3rd Place - Trent Stephenson of Saydel
4th Place - Bryson Cline of Grinnell
5th Place - Brady Fagen of Pcm
1st Place Match
Isaac Judge (South Tama County) 40-4, Jr. over Riley Spaur (Knoxville) 28-12, Sr. (MD 14-2).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Riley Spaur (Knoxville) 28-12, Sr. over Trent Stephenson (Saydel) 19-16, Jr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Trent Stephenson (Saydel) 19-16, Jr. over Bryson Cline (Grinnell) 16-19, Jr. (M. For.).
5th Place Match
Brady Fagen (Pcm) 10-10, Jr. (Bye).

160 Results
1st Place - Lucas Roland of Pcm
2nd Place - Chance Rice of Saydel
3rd Place - Micheal Ullestad of Knoxville
4th Place - Josh Theisson of South Tama County
5th Place - Jakob Oleson of Bondurant-Farrar
6th Place - Gabe Osborne of Grinnell
1st Place Match
Lucas Roland (Pcm) 29-2, So. over Chance Rice (Saydel) 13-3, Jr. (Inj. 0:02).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Chance Rice (Saydel) 13-3, Jr. over Micheal Ullestad (Knoxville) 38-15, Sr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Micheal Ullestad (Knoxville) 38-15, Sr. over Josh Theisson (South Tama County) 18-19, Jr. (Fall 2:00).
5th Place Match
Jakob Oleson (Bondurant-Farrar) 23-18, Sr. over Gabe Osborne (Grinnell) 20-17, Sr. (Fall 1:29).

170 Results
1st Place - Jarron Trausch of Pcm
2nd Place - Devon Van Houten of Saydel
3rd Place - Dalton Meyer of Bondurant-Farrar
4th Place - Coby Meyer of Knoxville
5th Place - Tanner Walz of South Tama County
6th Place - Trenton Miller of Grinnell
1st Place Match
Jarron Trausch (Pcm) 40-5, So. over Devon Van Houten (Saydel) 38-7, Sr. (Dec 8-4).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Devon Van Houten (Saydel) 38-7, Sr. over Dalton Meyer (Bondurant-Farrar) 27-9, Sr. (Dec 8-2).
3rd Place Match
Dalton Meyer (Bondurant-Farrar) 27-9, Sr. over Coby Meyer (Knoxville) 31-10, So. (Fall 1:11).
5th Place Match
Tanner Walz (South Tama County) 21-20, So. over Trenton Miller (Grinnell) 13-15, Jr. (Dec 9-5).

182 Results
1st Place - Trevor Sprague of Saydel
2nd Place - Dalton Rosenberg of South Tama County
3rd Place - Cameron Brown of Knoxville
4th Place - Jacob Hayworth of Bondurant-Farrar
5th Place - Dalton Schlangen of Pcm
6th Place - Spencer Mauss of Grinnell
1st Place Match
Trevor Sprague (Saydel) 40-5, Jr. over Dalton Rosenberg (South Tama County) 32-10, Jr. (Dec 4-3).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Dalton Rosenberg (South Tama County) 32-10, Jr. over Cameron Brown (Knoxville) 22-18, Sr. (RULE).
3rd Place Match
Cameron Brown (Knoxville) 22-18, Sr. over Jacob Hayworth (Bondurant-Farrar) 11-24, So. (Fall 1:09).
5th Place Match
Dalton Schlangen (Pcm) 18-20, So. over Spencer Mauss (Grinnell) 6-18, Jr. (Inj. 0:00).

195 Results
1st Place - Matthew Landsperger of Knoxville
2nd Place - Louis Long of Bondurant-Farrar
3rd Place - Peyton Swafford of Saydel
4th Place - Leevi Telfer of Pcm
5th Place - Isaiah McAlexander of Grinnell
6th Place - Cael Kellogg of South Tama County
1st Place Match
Matthew Landsperger (Knoxville) 16-5, Jr. over Louis Long (Bondurant-Farrar) 30-11, Sr. (Dec 3-1).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Louis Long (Bondurant-Farrar) 30-11, Sr. over Peyton Swafford (Saydel) 30-13, Fr. (Dec 5-0).
3rd Place Match
Peyton Swafford (Saydel) 30-13, Fr. over Leevi Telfer (Pcm) 28-16, Sr. (Inj. 3:10).
5th Place Match
Isaiah McAlexander (Grinnell) 25-17, Sr. over Cael Kellogg (South Tama County) 18-24, So. (Fall 4:23).

220 Results
1st Place - Kyle Kucera of South Tama County
2nd Place - Chase Bellon of Knoxville
3rd Place - Clayton Welch of Pcm
4th Place - Kyle Pitzen of Bondurant-Farrar
1st Place Match
Kyle Kucera (South Tama County) 12-13, Sr. over Chase Bellon (Knoxville) 37-10, Jr. (SV-1 4-2).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Chase Bellon (Knoxville) 37-10, Jr. over Clayton Welch (Pcm) 24-14, Sr. (Fall 2:49).
3rd Place Match
Clayton Welch (Pcm) 24-14, Sr. over Kyle Pitzen (Bondurant-Farrar) 4-15, Fr. (Fall 0:20).

285 Results
1st Place - Hunter Jesse of Saydel
2nd Place - Brett Clayton of Grinnell
3rd Place - Spencer Nichols of Knoxville
4th Place - Jace Smith of Pcm
5th Place - Daniel Ochoa of South Tama County
1st Place Match
Hunter Jesse (Saydel) 39-8, Sr. over Brett Clayton (Grinnell) 24-15, Jr. (Fall 0:46).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Brett Clayton (Grinnell) 24-15, Jr. over Spencer Nichols (Knoxville) 14-28, Jr. (Fall 0:45).
3rd Place Match
Spencer Nichols (Knoxville) 14-28, Jr. over Jace Smith (Pcm) 19-23, Fr. (Fall 0:19).
5th Place Match
Daniel Ochoa (South Tama County) 5-7, Jr. (Bye).

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