On Friday of last week, an Indianola, Iowa four-year-old boy died in a freak accident while visiting his grandmother in Colorado.

According to KDVR in the Denver area, the boy was struck by a falling tree and killed. The accident took place in Jefferson County, Colorado near Jay Way and Weaver Drive around 7:45 AM.

Jacki Kelley with the Jeffco Sheriff’s Office said this to the news station:

This really looks like nothing more than a very unfortunate accident. But these kids were just out playing on this either slack line or zip line when one of the two trees gave away. Think it’s been a tough morning for all the kids who were out playing because they were witness to the accident. So we have victim advocates out here and we have a team of investigators.

The slack or zip line was attached to two dead trees.

It was also reported that authorities are working to better determine if there was any other cause of the accident, but they don't suspect anything criminal took place.

The child's identity was not released, but a GoFundMe has been organized for the family, and the organizer --Jennifer Sedlock -- identified the boy as Maximillion Wood, according to WHO13.

Sedlock wrote this statement in his memory on the GoFundMe page: "Maximillion would have started kindergarten this year. He loved to share with others the fun adventures he had been on, the artwork he created, and anything else he felt was exciting. He had a love for animals and soccer. His greatest joy, though, was his family. He looked up to his siblings and parents. Maximillion had a sweet smile and laugh that was so infectious."

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