Yellow Banks Park - Google Maps
Yellow Banks Park - Google Maps

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is looking for the person or persons responsible for shooting a bald eagle at Yellow Banks County Park, near the Des Moines River on the southeast side of Des Moines, and removing its head and talons.

The crime was reported by a hiker on Wednesday.

“We don’t have much to go on so we need some help. If anyone saw or heard shots in this area during the first two weeks of the year, we would like to know about it. It’s hard to estimate how long the eagle has been dead due to the warmer temperatures and the state of the eagle’s remains.” -  State Conservation Officer Nate Anderson.

Anderson said people can use the Turn in Poachers website at or by calling the hotline at 1-800-532-2020. Information can be left anonymous.

Bald eagles are a state and federally protected species.

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