We all want the same things, right? A home, someone to love, and to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show...Doesn't everyone imagine that they're randomly being interviewed by DeGeneres as a guest on her show?

No, just me? Well, for one Iowa teen girl this dream became a reality.

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On Monday, April 26th one of Iowa's own sat opposite the longtime day time talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. Seventeen-year old Dasia Taylor of Iowa City showed off her science fair project that is garnering national attention.

On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" the host and guest chatted about Dasia's incredible invention. Taylor created stitches that can detect whether or not there's an infection in a wound aka color-changing stitches.

EllenTube via YouTube

"I set out to create cost-effective sutures that change color when an infection is present," Taylor explained.

There are products similar to this on the market, but they are incredibly expensive. Taylor's product uses beet juice to detect the infection. This project was for the Public Regeneron Science Talent Search. DeGeneres ended up awarding Taylor with a giant science fair trophy and $10,000.

EllenTube via YouTube

After doing some digging, it turns out that Dasia didn't end up winning her science fair nor did she place in the top 10. When the results for this competition came out in March, Taylor did receive a special acknowledgment called the Seaborg Award, an award honoring a Noble Prize winning chemist.

On the day of the show taping, Taylor said she is pursuing getting her product patented.

EllenTube via YouTube

You can check out her full interview with Ellen in the video below, and see what else these two got up to.

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