Hello, Everyone!

I’m Shawn Foxx, afternoons on 94.1 KRNA! I’ve been on the air in Northeast Iowa for over 13 years and have made a change!

I was born in DeWitt, IA, and grew up in and around the Quad Cities. My first radio gigs were there in the early 90s. In fact, I worked at another Townsquare Media station, 97X WXLP in Davenport, home of Dwyer & Michaels! We’re all on the same payroll again!

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In 1993, 97X and KRNA had the same format. Both were Classic Rock with the new 90s rock like Pearl Jam, Brother Cane, Stone Temple Pilots, Cry of Love, and others. It was a great time to work in that format. KRNA was a station I would listen to when driving between the QC, Iowa City, and Cedar Rapids, and always thought it would be great to be on 94.1 someday…. The lesson here is, never give up on your dreams!

I’m a husband, a father of 4, and a BIG music collector. I collect anything with music on it or about it. That includes reel-to-reels (I have 2 working players), cassettes (some say they are making a comeback now), vinyl (I love vinyl so much), and CD, which takes up most of my total collection now.

I also just became a grandfather in July of 2021! And if you’re wondering, yes, I am Papa Shawn to little Ruby Lynn. It’s still a weird concept to me to have a grandchild. My mind has yet to fully accept it. I didn’t realize I was old enough to have a grandkid at only 49! I’ve been told that it kicks in eventually and I’ll love being in that role. I imagine that’s true.

Three of my kids are adults, all over 21, and my youngest is 15 and in High School. My wife and I are astounded at how good he’s getting at making bad decisions! Maybe I was the same way, but I don’t remember it… I may have blocked it out.

Classic Rock is in my blood. I grew up with it in my life, everywhere. My mom and dad are very musical and have been singing and playing guitar as long as I’ve been breathing oxygen (and before, but I don’t remember it. I may have blocked it out). Dad has always had lots of records that I used to record to tape and play in my boombox or Walkman. I grew up with the legends of rock, playing daily in my house. Led Zep, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Moody Blues, and more obscure bands like It’s A Beautiful Day, Country Joe & The Fish, and John Mayall. I’m very eclectic in my tastes in music. The only genre I really don’t care for would be most rap…. And Polka! Sorry, Weird Al…

My addiction

I am a HUGE Beatles fan and collector as well as KISS and Prince. Those are the top 3 that I will collect about anything I can find or afford. My man-cave is a testament to that. I’ll share photos of things in the weeks, months, and hopefully, years to come.

I'm a craft beer enthusiast (beer snob) and used to write a beer blog. I'd try different brews from all over Iowa and the U.S., give a review, and whether or not it was something I liked enough to buy again. I've been told by some brewers that I have a very sensitive pallet and I am pretty good at finding flavors and nuances many people miss or ignore. It's probably why I love craft beers over mass-produced stuff. I think I may bring that back for KRNA. What do you think?

I've become an avid fisherman over the last few years. Being outside in the fresh air has been great for me, since being hospitalized with Covid, in May of 2020. It's a great way to isolate yourself to recharge and be in nature. Plus, it's fun as heck! Nothing like the feeling of hooking into a fighting bass or angry pike! I've become so enamored with the hobby/sport that I've begun collecting fishing gear and upgrading rods and reels. I love shopping for specific pieces that work best for certain kinds of fishing.


Thanks to you all for being loyal KRNA listeners and I hope to help you and your afternoons fly by with a smile!

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