On the topic of Megan's poor choices in her dating life, someone suggested Megan learn how to escape from a trunk.

So, we decided it was time for her to learn this valuable life lesson - how to get out of the trunk - and onto the parking lot we went.

The problem was, of the five of us on the morning show, only one of us has a traditional "trunk" of the car, and that was the tiny trunk of a Shelby.

Megan climbed into the trunk while on the phone, and after just a few seconds, she was able to locate the little latch to release the trunk and free herself. She's small, so she was able to maneuver quickly.

Now, we decided that Hairball needed to practice as well. He's a young guy in the dating world, and who knows what kind of messed up catfish situation he could wind up in.

The difficult part for Hairball is he's about the size of TWO Megan's, so getting into the trunk was actually a bit difficult to do, being the trunk's opening alone was the size of him.

After multiple attempts, and holding the morning show at a halt, he finally was able to figure out how to get into the trunk, and let's just all agree... it wasn't pretty.

Nevertheless, we started the timer. The time to beat was Megan, who successfully escaped in less than 20 seconds.

Hairball passed the 20 seconds, then 30, 40, and then he passed a full minute.

"I think it's a one-time use!" he kept saying as the panic of being trapped in a cramped trunk set in.

Then, he shouted for Megan to open the trunk - to which she replied "Push it up, you opened it like a minute ago."

Basically what we learned, is that escaping a trunk is pretty dang easy, but if someone's kidnapping Hairball, they're going to need an SUV or something.

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