In my wandering the other day, I literally stumbled across The Broken Record Bar in downtown Waterloo. I thought it was a used record store, and was surprised when I stepped inside to find a throwback themed slice of nostalgia.

The walls are painted with pop-culture references to Fast Times, Terminator, MTV and video games. The group of afternoon regulars welcomed me, and we got to talking about the place, and it's claim to fame, right there, framed on the wall.

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It's a letter from KISS, back in 2012, threatening them with legal action if they don't remove the face-painted likeness of Gene Simmons that appears on their sign. It's a stretch, but the threat of legal action from some big shot lawyers to a self-appointed dive bar in downtown Waterloo does command attention.

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I love that as soon as the bartender and customers realized I was the new guy, they all started telling me why they loved this place. And the framed letter from KISS attorneys is the grand finale. Take a step into yesteryear next time you're downtown, to the Broken Record.

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