Memories last forever, sadly, building do not. No doubt some tears have been shed by anyone who walked the hallways at Lowell Elementary in Waterloo.

Demolition started on Thursday, tearing down the school built in 1931. It was such a stately building, standing tall and proud with its beautiful archways and sturdy brickwork. Many people are sad to see it go. However, a roof collapse in February of 2019 proved to be its demise. Construction of a new school will begin this summer and is expected to open in August of 2021.

Local photographer, David Marvitz is a “visual storyteller” and does a fantastic job of chronicling events in the Cedar Valley. A special “thank you” to him for giving us permission to share with you just some of the hundreds of photos he has taken over the last couple of days.

Lowell Elementary Demolition In Photos

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