You really just never know what debate you're going to come across while scrolling social media. There is literally no end when it comes to social media and you never know what's going to send the internet into a frenzy on any given day.

In my 32 years of life, I've witnessed and taken part in some of the dumbest debates ever. Some of them have been online and some of them have been in person. My friend and I were once joking (got into an argument) about pigeons. I basically called them rats with wings and he wasn't having any of that.

Well, social media strikes again! There has been a pretty big internet debate on whether or not ketchup belongs in the fridge or not. Yes, I promise this is real.

Unsplash - Danny Trujilo
Unsplash - Danny Trujilo

If you spent some time over Independence weekend (July-1,2) at a backyard bbq, went to the beach, or grilled hot dogs and hamburgers in your backyard, there's a solid chance ketchup was in your vicinity. Was it laying out on the table, roasting away in the sun?

Was it in a fridge? Maybe it was placed in a cooler on ice? I'm here to say right now that if you don't put ketchup in the fridge or keep it cold, you might be a complete psychopath.

Why would anyone want warm ketchup? That sounds disgusting to me. I'm not a big ketchup fan in general but I surely don't want room temp ketchup on my hamburgers. Two of the most popular responses on the Heinz Twitter poll are; who wants cold ketchup on warm food and Restaurants leave ketchup bottles out so it must be okay.

If you don't like cold ketchup, fine. I'm not here to hate on your condiment preferences I suppose. It's your life, live it how you'd like. We have to talk about restaurants that leave ketchup bottles out.

Restaurants go through boatloads of ketchup on a daily basis. They're constantly having to re-fill ketchup bottles, so if they're left sitting out, it's likely they haven't been out for as long as you'd think.

Not only that but when the label on the back of a Heinz ketchup bottle says "For best results, refrigerate after opening" you better believe I'm storing that in my refrigerator.


Heinz has also weighed on whether or not ketchup belongs in the fridge and the company that produces this condiment, says it goes in the fridge.



Happy July 4th and I hope you enjoy the holiday. I also hope you're serving cold ketchup if you're grilling hot dogs and hamburgers.

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