When someone moves to a new are from out of town, they are usually given a sweet gift basket from new friends, workers or neighbors to welcome them. Among the items in the gift baskets are usually things that represent the area to show a little bit of what the community is represented by. When I moved to Iowa from Ohio, my boss gave me a gift basket with Busch Light, UNI water bottle and a few other Iowa goodies.

Now that I have been in the Cedar Valley for almost two years, I have learned what is native to the area. So we decided to ask on Facebook, "What would you put into a Cedar Valley Gift Basket?" Now that I have been here a little longer here are my answers: Waterloo Black Hawks tickets, Waterloo Bucks tickets, Scratch Cupcake gift card and UNI gear.

Here is what you all said would need to be in this gift basket! Keep this in mind for the next time you have visitors!

Hmmm.. did someone say popcorn?!

After all this time, I still have not been to Morg's so I will totally take that gift card. Lost Island is an Iowa staple! That has to go in the basket!

I suggest getting a gift card to there... the pizza may not be so fresh in the basket.

I am ashamed to say I have never heard of this but now I want to try it!

You can never go wrong with some delicious donuts!

I mean local wine or beer is a must right? I would probably choose some from SingleSpeed. You also can't go wrong with Iowa sweet corn.

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