Take yourself to social media and you'll notice a trend. Everyone is very good at sharing the negative news, but very few are looking at the bright side of things. You'd think that 2017 was the worst year ever so far. But wait! There have been some great things too. Here are some heartwarming stories that prove that 2017 hasn't been so bad.

Our good friends at Buzzfeed asked its readers to share the best thing that’s happened to them in 2017 so far. Here are 10 stories that are sure to warm your heart and make you feel better (check out the full list at the link):

  • “I gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl after years of being told I would never be able to have children.“
  • “My boyfriend and I adopted an 8-year-old cat who loves holding hands.“
  • “I live in America, and I have an internet best friend who lives in Australia. She just bought a plane ticket to come meet me this year. I haven’t stopped smiling.“
  • “I was recently at a bar all dressed up and ready for my blind date, who told me he was heading there 30 minutes prior. He doesn’t show after an hour and doesn’t respond to my text or call. I was clearly being stood up, and the sweet couple to the left of me picked up my tab and bought me another drink. They talked to me the rest of the evening and were so positive and funny. They really turned my night around and showed me he wasn’t worth worry!“
  • “I drifted off the road in a blizzard in Portland, Maine, recently. Over the course of 45 minutes at least 20 people stopped to see if they could help and make sure I was safe. Totally restored my faith in humanity.“
  • “My godmother, who is my hero, has never come to visit me because she lives in another state, is horribly claustrophobic, and avoids planes at all costs. She surprised me last week telling me that she’s coming to visit and already bought her tickets! I’ve never been so excited!!!“
  • “My puppy Jedi went to puppy camp (the kennel) for the first time while we were on vacation and he got five excellent report cards! I put them on the fridge like my mom used to do with my report cards as a kid!“
  • “The person in front of me in the drive-thru line at Starbucks paid for my coffee. Little did this man know that my bank account had been hacked so my card would have declined anyway, I had just gotten out of a horrible work meeting, AND I had started my period. He’s the real hero of 2017. Thanks, man.“
  • “I was on an early flight out of Cleveland and sitting in the window seat. When I looked out the window, it sort of seemed like the aircraft marshall (the glowstick-baton guy) was looking back, so I waved at him AND HE WAVED BACK AT ME WITH HIS GLOWSTICK! It just completely made my day and I can only hope it made him smile as much as I did. You go, 2017!“
  • “I came out as a lesbian to my aunt and uncle on New Year’s Day. About a week later my uncle texted me and said, ’I wanted to tell you before you left, but didn’t get to it, but just wanted to make sure you knew you never have to worry about being yourself around us and that we will always love and support you, almost always anyway, I don’t want you murdering people…’ I ended up crying for almost an hour because nobody has ever showed me so much support.“

Click here for the rest of the list. It'll make you happy.

(Source: Buzzfeed)

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