Earlier this month, MidAmerican was warning customers that their bills could increase between 46% to 96% this winter heating season (higher gas prices are limiting production and inventory).

So, if you've been holding out until "it gets colder" -- next week could be the time to crank up the heat in your home:

As we flip the calendar to November on Monday, the temps will certainly reflect the change. Normally, in the first week of November, the average high temperatures should be in the lower-50s. It appears that won't be the case as the high temps Monday through Thursday won't get much higher than lower-to-mid-40s.

The LOW temps will bottom out in the mid-20s next week. Ouch.

On November 1, the average high temperature is 54*. By the end of the month, the normal high is only around 40*.

So, enjoy this weekend's 'heat' in the mid-50s. :)


It has NEVER reached 80* in the month of November in Waterloo. On November 7, 2001, it hit 78* -- the warmest of any November day EVER for the city.

It also has never reached 80* in Cedar Rapids in November. On November 7, 2015, it peaked at 79*.

It has only dipped below zero ONCE in the month of November in Waterloo. On 11/12/2019 it bottomed out at -1*.

The coldest November day in Cedar Rapids was a frigid -12* on November 29, 1891.


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