It's National Love Your Pet Day and let's be honest Americans don't just love our pets, most of the time they are like our children (sometimes, we like them more than our children). So why not have a day to show them a little extra love by talking to them in annoying baby voices, dressing them up in outfits I am sure they hate and letting them in your bed if you don't already!

I wanted to inform you of a few pet facts that have been recently released, due to a new survey, to help you appreciate your pet a little more today.

1. Did you know that the most popular pet in America are dogs! Cats came in behind with a close second followed by fish.

2. 10% of people regularly say "I love you" to their pets...  and they honestly probably love them more than their significant other (sorry!).

3. 10% of people talk to their pet in a "special" voice... in other words you sound like a weirdo and your pet probably thinks so too, yet society doesn't question this.

4. 9% of people give their pets table scraps... please stop this! It really isn't good for them!

5. 4% of people admit that they probably post too many pictures of their pet on social media... come on, we know that there are way more than 4%, have you seen all the social media accounts dedicated to pets?

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