Hairball went out to Circa Resort & Casino in Las Vegas this weekend to get himself signed up for a special contest, and lived to tell the tale.

Thursday was kind of a chill night because I had worked early that morning, and the special event weekend really kicked in Friday - plus my childhood bestfriend was coming in to join me Friday night, and I knew he'd want to stay out late. So I played a few slots in Circa, got the greatest meatloaf I've ever had, and went back to my room to enjoy the views before going to bed at 8 o'clock. I know how lame I am, but seriously, look at this meatloaf from Saginaw's Delicatessen. 


Friday morning was when the party started. I entered into the Circa Millions contest down in the World's Largest Sportsbook. It was early in the day, so I had some time to talk with my proxy.


The way a proxy works is when you are betting on something in a state you don't live in, they place your entries for you. Circa Millions is a season-long contest where you make selections against the spread for every weekend of NFL football, and get points based off your correct selections. The winner wins $1 Million.

My proxy, Toni, and I hit it off right away. She grew up in Altoona and even worked on the radio in Des Moines, but she's a lifelong Hawkeye fan.

She'll be placing my selections for me for this football season.


Friday night was hanging out at Stadium Swim's After Dark concert series, where they had a lineup that people were pretty excited about.

Saturday was full of sports betting on MLB. Because of the total blowout from the Oakland A's on Friday, I bet agains the White Sox mostly to spite Dwyer, but of course, the Sox decided to actually win a game.

We ended the day with watching the free concerts on the multiple stages along the Freemont Street Experience. One of my favorite bands of the night was a band called 90's Station, which was all 90's pop, rock, and hip hop. They absolutely killed some hits like I Want It That Way, Smells Like Teen Spirit, and You Oughta Know.

Sunday, we played the horse race machine from the 80s at The D, and Parker won $20 off of a quarter bet on some horses, and when we needed to beat the heat for a minute, people watching Stadium Swim from our nice air conditioned room.


It was a super fun weekend, and I can't wait to get back - hopefully to collect my winnings at the end of the Circa Millions contest. There's still time to get singed up! You just have to get to Circa Resort & Casino by September 9th.

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