A 38-year-old man in Port St. Lucie, Florida (yes, another Florida man story, brace yourself) told Martin County Sheriff’s Detectives that he couldn’t find his car after leaving a Martin County bar early in the morning. To locate his car, he decided to steal another one "in good faith" so he could drive around to find it.
The man identified as Bradford Weitzel said he somehow ended up on the train tracks along Indian River Drive. The stolen vehicle suddenly came to a dead stop on the active train tracks. A train was coming. Weitzel said he got out and ran, leaving the car on the tracks.
Weitzel was not struck by the train, but the stolen car was. Within seconds, the train smashed the car, catapulting it into a nearby home where the homeowners were sound asleep.
The explosive sounds of the car being struck by the train and thrown into the house surely startled the homeowners and every nearby neighbor. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.
Meanwhile, Weitzel continued on to a nearby fruit stand, where he vandalized the business then tried to steal a forklift.
Weitzel, still on the search for his car, decided to flag down police to let them know he could not find it.
Bradford Weitzel was arrested and charged with Grand Theft, and Criminal Mischief. Additional charges are expected.



Commenters on the Martin County Sheriff's Office Facebook page had this to say:

Robynn JoyHow traumatic for him. Hope he found his car

Chris Benedetti NicometiWow! What a story! So glad that the homeowners were not injured. I feel bad for the person whose car was stolen and ended up that way.

Tony VeltrePerhaps he knows that the owner of the fruit stand had something to do with his stolen car and he was stealing the forklift in retribution... you guys need to work on your investigative skills...

Jolene Henderson HughesI feel like this will be on that show “worlds dumbest criminals “

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