A 12.6-pound chunk of ice crashed through the bedroom ceiling of a home in western Wisconsin earlier this week. Where did it come from? No one seems to know.

The homeowner in Elk Mound (located west of Eau Claire) said that the ice ball actually brushed his body as it fell through, and it caused more than $1,000 of damage to the home.

Apparently, the area did experience storms Tuesday morning, but officials from the National Weather Service in Chanhassen said they were not strong enough to cause hail that large.

This ice chunk fell from the sky just about a week after a Florida family had a similar experience. It appears that this chunk of ice that was a bit bigger than its counterpart in Wisconsin – this monster was two feet high and two feet wide --- but made the same entrance, through the roof of a Palm City home on the morning of May 19. The origin of this ice chunk was also unknown.

Some are theorizing that both chunks are from aircraft when the servicing port for the water system seeps leaks and freezes before breaking off and falling.

So where did it come from? I, too, have a theory. Perhaps Clark Griswold now works as a traveling installer of Christmas Lights throughout the United States. Honestly...I don't know, Margo:

Regardless of where these ice chunks came from, both homeowners are going to have to fork out some cash to clean up the freaky incidents.

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