The odds of playing a professional sport are less than 1%. Getting to play a sport you love for a living is a dream that millions of kids around the world one day hope to achieve. Even playing a college sport, at any kind of level, is incredibly hard.

According to When You Can't Go Pro, 98 out of 100 high school athletes never play collegiate sports at any level, and less than 1 out of every 100 high school athletes receive a scholarship to any kind of D1 school.

In football alone, the odds of going from high school to college are 5.8%. The odds of going from college football to the NFL is 2%. This translates to the odds of a high school football player making it to the NFL are .09%. It's a tough task that sadly, almost every young athlete will one day realize...professional sports aren't in their future.

That's exactly why this is so impressive from former Iowa Hawkeye, George Kittle.

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The odds of making it to the NFL are slim. The average NFL career is only 3.3 years, according to Statista. There are only 53 roster spots on an NFL team. With 32 NFL teams, there are around 1,696 NFL players who get to wear an NFL jersey each season.

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Only 106 players get to play for a championship each year. Hopefully, you're starting to see my point on just how impossible making it to the NFL can be and how playing in a Super Bowl is even harder. George Kittle will now get to play in his second NFL championship game.

George Kittle's Promise

George Kittle and the San Francisco 49ers lost Super Bowl LIV back in 2020. A clip has resurfaced of the star tight end making good on a promise he made 4 years ago.

I will be back here. I will be back here and I will be back with a vengeance.

To be frank with you, I couldn't care less who wins the Super Bowl this year. I've been a Vikings fan my entire life and it looks like I'll have to keep waiting for the day I get to watch my favorite team play in a Super Bowl.

As a Vikings fan, it's pretty hard not to cheer on George Kittle on February 11th. He told us he'd be back and he went out and did it. He made good on his word. You have to respect him for that.

Not too shabby for a Wisconsin-born kid, who moved to Iowa at a young age, and now gets his chance to live out the dream so many young Iowa athletes hope to achieve.

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