It's Father's Day Weekend. So we're busting out the "Founding Fathers of Rock".

We'll kick off every hour with 3 in a row from your favorite 60's and 70's bands and artists that make Rock-n-Roll was it is. They started the revolution that made us fill arenas, stadiums and wake up the next morning with neck pain.

Led Zeppelin - The Who - Jimi Hendrix - The Beatles - The Doors - Creedence Clearwater Revival - The Rolling Stones - Black Sabbath - The Kinks - Cream and MORE!

We're not just pulling our currently rotated tunes either. We're diving DEEP into their catalog of tunes and grabbing songs your would rarely hear on the radio.

So, treat dad to a great weekend of Rock with KCRR's "Founding Fathers of Rock" weekend.

Starts at 6:00 P.M. Friday, June 19th and runs through Sunday, June 22nd.

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