I dare you to try this.

Former University of Iowa gymnast, Jacqueline Kranitz, has recently gone viral with one of the first viral challenges of the new year. Kranitz posted a video of herself on Instagram where she lays flat on her stomach with her hands behind her back and and then somehow gets standing to her feet. She captioned the video with "New Flex Challenge? Tag a friend you think could do this." So, can you do this?

Look, I would like to point out that I grew up as a dancer and even I probably couldn't do this! I mean how do you do this with your hands behind your back? This is just not human.

According to the Des Moines Register, the impressive former gymnast is originally from Colorado and was a part of the gymnastics team during her freshman year but then decided to end her career as a gymnast in November. I mean I understand why, she is probably still in pain from that.

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